West Trend by Memory Threads is building and expanding on over three decades of thrilling visitors throughout North America. We’re taking the expertise built to customize resort-wear for summer beach communities and reaching out to others who want wear their memories or help sustain an event, business or cause.

We believe in helping others not only build strong memories, but also in understanding their impact on the world around them, so they can make better informed decisions.

Here at Memory Threads, we strongly recommend printing on 100% cotton because over the last several years scientists have been finding that the greatest cause of plastic pollution in our streams, lakes and oceans is actually microscopic bits of polyester fibers. By now, you’ve probably heard about it.  These fibers enter our waterways when clothes made of polyester are washed in homes around the world. While in the wash, bits of polyester fiber break off and are too small to be completely filtered out by the current technology in homes or even municipal water treatment facilities. So water contaminated with these polyester bits is discharged into our natural watershed and end up in our lakes and oceans where they enter the food chain with ultimately unknown consequences. Click here to learn more about what scientists are finding.  For a great summary, watch this video.

The Memory Threads team is continually researching new fabrics to provide options that allow you to make this important choice and still satisfy your other needs.

If you manage a shop or resort and want a cost-effective eco-friendly way to bring joy to your guests by helping them wear their memories, are a leader of an organization looking to build brand or cause awareness, or simply want to help a group of people remember a special event years after it’s over, please give us or any of our sales representatives a call so we can help you build memories!